Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Homemade Headband Holder



Hello ladies! Do you have trouble storing your headbands? or simply have too many and don't know how to organize them. Well I have this problem and I decided to make a homemade headband holder! It is environmentally friendly and it organizes your headbands! Lets get started!

  This is what you will need:

Easy Tack or a glue gun ( or any type of glue)
Mod Podge
An empty oatmeal container


Scrapbook Paper
Scissors( or a cutting board if you can't cut straight like me)
Paint Brush ( Any size, Bigger the better)
Writing utensil 

1. Start off with cutting your scrapbook paper into a size that will fit around your container and a piece for the top. My scrap book paper wasn't long enough so I cut another one to fill in the rest.

2. spray the back of the scrapbook paper with the easy tack or use glue( you can even use the mod podge as glue) . Carefully wrap the paper around the container. Make sure that it is glued on well and that it can hold on its own.

3. Using a paint brush, evenly coat over the scrapbook paper with the Mod podge. It might leave some white streaks, but don't worry about it, it will dry clear. I put an extra coat where the ends of the paper meet so that it would be secure. Do the same to the top. Let it dry (It dries fairly quickly) then WAALA! Instant headband holder!

You can also putt the hair bands and the elastic headbands inside the container. :)

Make sure to leave me comments and pics on how yours came out!
Also leave a comment if you have any questions!
Enjoy and Thanks for looking!


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