Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Urban Decay Potion Primer ( New Packaging)


The first eyeshadow primer that I bought was from Urban Decay. The infamous Eyeshadow Potion Primer. At first yes, it has such cute packaging and the stuff works great. The primer itself amazed me. It brought out the true potential colors of eyeshadows along with giving it a long lasting wear. After a few uses... It was gone! or was it? I totally thought I got ripped off for buying such little product for such an expensive price. I then came along some youtube videos and found out that the Packaging was the problem. The packaging was kind of like a lip gloss bottle but at the top the bottle had curves where all the  product was at. Sadly, the applicator couldn't get to that area.. After butchering my lovely potion primer, scooping out tons of leftover product then having it dry out because of the container I put it in.  I decided to never buy it ever again because it was just a hassle.  
But..... Urban Decay finally got the hint and made a new improve " professional" packaging, with over twice the amount of product for $29.00. (Personally, I believe that is wayy too much to spend on a primer.. but the Original was .34 fl oz for $18 and the new and improved one is .85fl oz for $29, technically you are getting more.) 

But sorry to break it to you Urban Decay, I have moved on to other better eyeshadow primers. MAC paint pot in painterly. I loveee this and I use it as an eveyshadow primer all the time, night and day. :) 

UDPP is not as thick... and dries clear while MAC's paint pot is thicker/ creamy and is a nude color(light skin color). I must admit, UDPP is easier to apply over the eyelid than painterly... but I like the feeling and the lasting hold of Painterly better. The two products have different textures. If you like it thinner I recommend the UDPP, if you like it a little thinker I recommend the PP. (I Prefer MAC's PP) You get for .17fl oz for $16.50, ideally comparing it to the original UDPP it is cheaper along with more product. It also could be used as a shadow or highlighter. 

Urban Decay, It is a good idea to change the packaging of your signature Eyeshadow primer... but it's a bit too late for me.
(I'm not claiming that MAC's Paint Pot is better, I just prefer it) ( I love Urban Decay :D)

Well Ladies I hope this helped! Leave a comment telling us about your Favorite Primer and what works for you!
Enjoy and Thanks for looking

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  1. great review kick UD decay to the curb haha jk I need to get this mac paint pot !!!

  2. I just got tired waiting for a better packaging :( The product itself is great.. but I found something that I liked better. haha

  3. hey joyce! thank you so much for following and commenting! yeh innocent is such a lovely olour! i havent tried wearing it outside yet, only been testing it at home, so hopefully it's not to nude for me lol. yeah you should definately do you haul on venomous collectionS! :D I just followed you too! :) xxx

  4. Awesome hahah its Tina by the way :) Joyce's been busy